Saturday, March 16, 2019

Computers and Art

Once again, its been awhile since my last post.  Some things do stay the same.  Between then and now, I changed computers, and more drastically changed from Apple to PC.  I thought long and hard about this, agonized a bit really.  I have had an Apple since the mid 90s, and was very comfortable with the familiar platform.  But, things change and I needed a stronger GPU.  I switched after deciding that a tool is just a tool, and I could buy 3 pcs for the price of one regular imac, not even the pro.  I chose a gaming pc, the Acer Predator 500, a 17" laptop (the portability was a factor this time), chosing it for the power that Blender needs for good rendering.  It is fast!  I'm impressed. And, I will get used to Windows again.  Luckily, I have a wonderful friend who has guided me a bit in configuring it to my needs.  That saved me so much research and fumbling time!

So, now that I have a wacky fast computer again, I've been playing with Blender, testing render times, and how the pc handles it, and continuing to learn about lighting.  Here is a wip, as an example:

Mr. Gray in a cafe.
This took about 20 minutes to render an 8x10 at 500 samples.  It took my old gpu around 3 hours, for just the character alone.  And because this laptop isn't thin(its big and hefty and I could probably gain some muscle tone by lifting it up and down like a barbell) there was no heating up.  So, that's fun!  I can create more and save time, and start exploring Blender 2.8's eevee.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Google+ to MeWe

Like everyone else on G+, I've had to decide where to go.  I'm moving to MeWe for now, since the majority of my friends are setting up there.  You can find me at:

I'm sad about G+ shutting its doors.  Since joining Opensim, its been a staple for me when away from the computer, even if I rarely posted.  Now, it seems we are all scattering in different directions.  Life is Change.


Friday, September 21, 2018

"Rattlesnake" by Random Orbit Orchestra

A few requests have been made as to where the music that was used in my game can be found.  I spoke with the composer, and he has agreed to distribute "Rattlesnake" for free here.  He also sends his thanks to those interested in his music.

This agreement comes with the stipulation that it be for personal use only.  By downloading the file at the link listed below, you agree to the terms of use.

©2018 Random Orbit Orchestra.  All rights reserved.

Monday, September 17, 2018

My First Game Creation

 After making a story in Opensim at Twinklens Playhouse (my testing ground to see how my meshes work) on the Nook (, Nara suggested, gently nudged, that I try to create a game.  She turned me on to Tyranobuilder, a game engine created for visual novels, and I've spent the last 2 1/2 months plotting it out, learning how to make videos, and delving into the new software.  I never thought I would finish, but I did and I learned so much.

First meeting with Mr. Gray
"Mr. Gray and the Island Invasion" is an html5 game.  Its a parody of old B-movie science fiction and 1980's music videos.  I learned a bit about variables, and some elementary javascript, luckily Tyranobuilder does most of that for you.  I made 2 very simplistic minigames.  This was fun, but not without its moments of frustration and sometimes--well, many times--mushy brain syndrome from stretching my knowledge base.  I posted it to to enter Tyranobuilder's game jam, just to see, but also to make myself finish.
You don't want to end up like this

You can play by browser, except for Safari on desktop, or any ios browser.  Yes, I also learned that there is a reason that there aren't many indie games made for Mac, but that's another issue.  However, you can also download a Mac app version or a Windows version.  Its simple mouse-click, and you can save/load by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom, which is a nice thing to do before the choices so that you don't have to go back to the beginning of the game to see alternates.

I'm so new to this that I'm not even sure of the lingo. even supplies you with a widget:

I hope you enjoy:)

Friday, August 31, 2018

Pretzel Giant


I was looking for something on my computer, oh what a disorganized mess sometimes.  Ran across this picture.

It was during making a npc giant for Immersive Edge and changing back to my regular avatar was an issue.  I love these pretzel occurrences.  The opensim technology has improved a bit since then, so this doesn't happen as often, which is a teeny tiny bit sad.  Yes, more convenient.  But, they were funny, although the first time it happened I was terrified that I broke the internet...again.

Have a great day!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

A New Beginning

I tried a few years ago to maintain a blog, but there was much living between then and now.  Here is a restart, whole new Twinklens, whole new blogging site. Have patience with me, this site has a completely different organization, with completely different terms for things, so this should hopefully look more organized and properish in the weeks to come. 

In the meantime, Mr. Bear says hello: