This has always been the most difficult of subjects for me. My name was created in the metaverse, when I first joined the Opensim community.  I chose twinklens then, as it included my love for photography, and the idea that many times art captures a mere moment in time, or a thought or emotion that may flit in and out of existence, a twinkle in the eye.

I began with photography, and then discovered that turning those photographs into artwork through photo manipulation, collage work, and digital painting was very enjoyable. I started delving into 3D modelling, when a trumpet was needed for a scene I wanted to create in opensim and I couldn't find one, so I downloaded Blender and started a self-taught path of obsession.  The Nook Dixieland band was created after many months of study.  Eventually I was able to make all of the instruments for my little marching band.  Ferd Frederix of outworldz.com, gave me the frogs to use.

Me in a nutshell.

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